24 CFR Subpart D - Subpart D—Allocation Formula

  1. § 1000.301 What is the purpose of the IHBG formula?
  2. § 1000.302 What are the definitions applicable for the IHBG formula?
  3. § 1000.304 May the IHBG formula be modified?
  4. § 1000.306 How can the IHBG formula be modified?
  5. § 1000.308 Who can make modifications to the IHBG formula?
  6. § 1000.310 What are the components of the IHBG formula?
  7. § 1000.312 What is current assisted stock?
  8. § 1000.314 What is formula current assisted stock?
  9. § 1000.315 Is a recipient required to report changes to the Formula Current Assisted Stock (FCAS) on the Formula Response Form?
  10. § 1000.316 How is the Formula Current Assisted Stock (FCAS) Component developed?
  11. § 1000.317 Who is the recipient for funds for current assisted stock which is owned by state-created Regional Native Housing Authorities in Alaska?
  12. § 1000.318 When do units under Formula Current Assisted Stock cease to be counted or expire from the inventory used for the formula?
  13. § 1000.319 What would happen if a recipient misreports or fails to correct Formula Current Assisted Stock (FCAS) information on the Formula Response Form?
  14. § 1000.320 How is Formula Current Assisted Stock adjusted for local area costs?
  15. § 1000.322 Are IHA financed units included in the determination of Formula Current Assisted Stock?
  16. § 1000.324 How is the need component developed?
  17. § 1000.325 How is the need component adjusted for local area costs?
  18. § 1000.326 What if a formula area is served by more than one Indian tribe?
  19. § 1000.327 What is the order of preference for allocating the IHBG formula needs data for Indian tribes in Alaska not located on reservations due to the unique circumstances in Alaska?
  20. § 1000.328 What is the minimum amount that an Indian tribe may receive under the need component of the formula?
  21. § 1000.329 What is the minimum total grant allocated to a tribe if there is carryover funds available?
  22. § 1000.330 What are the data sources for the need variables?
  23. § 1000.331 How will the impacts from adoption of a new data source be minimized as the new data source is implemented?
  24. § 1000.332 Will data used by HUD to determine an Indian tribe's or TDHE's formula allocation be provided to the Indian tribe or TDHE before the allocation?
  25. § 1000.334 May Indian tribes, TDHEs, or HUD challenge the data from the U.S. Decennial Census or provide an alternative source of data?
  26. § 1000.336 How may an Indian tribe, TDHE, or HUD challenge data or appeal HUD formula determinations?
  27. § 1000.340 What if an Indian tribe is allocated less funding under the IHBG Formula than it received in Fiscal Year (FY) 1996 for operating subsidy and modernization?
  28. § 1000.342 Are undisbursed IHBG funds a factor in the grant formula?