25 CFR § 122.6 - Duties of the Osage Tribal Education Committee.

§ 122.6 Duties of the Osage Tribal Education Committee.

(a) For the purpose of providing financial assistance to eligible Osage applicants for educational assistance, the Osage Tribal Education Committee shall maintain an office and retain all official records at the Bureau of Indian Affairs offices located at the Federal Building, Muskogee, Oklahoma.

(b) The Osage Tribal Education Committee shall be responsible for implementing an overall plan of operation consistent with the policy of Indian self-determination which incorporates a systematic sequential process whereby all student applications for financial aid are rated and ranked simultaneously to enable a fair distribution of available funds.

(1) All applicants shall be rated by a point system appropriate to applications for education assistance. After all applications are rated, the Osage Tribal Education Committee will rank the applications in a descending order for award purposes. No awards shall be made until all applications are rated against the point system.

(2) Monetary awards shall be for fixed amounts as determined by the Osage Tribal Education Committee. The fixed amounts shall be itemized in the committee's annual budgetary request, and the monetary award amounts shall be consistent with the fixed amounts itemized in the approved budget.

(3) Payment of the monetary awards shall be made directly to the student, with half of the amount payable on or before September 15 and the second half payable on or before February 15, provided the student is successfully enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education and meeting the institution's requirement for passing work.

(4) No student will be funded beyond 10 semesters or five academic years, not to include summer sessions, nor shall any student with a baccalaureate degree be funded for an additional undergraduate degree.

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