25 CFR § 122.7 - Budget.

§ 122.7 Budget.

(a) By August 1 of each year, the Osage Tribal Education Committee will submit a proposed budget to the Assistant Secretary or to his/her designated representative for formal approval. Unless the Assistant Secretary or his/her designated representative informs the committee in writing of budget restrictions by September 1, the proposed budget is considered to be accepted.

(b) The investment principal, composed of the one million dollars appropriated by the Act and reverted funds, must be invested in a federally insured banking or savings institution or invested in obligations of the Federal Government. There are no provisions in this part which shall limit the right of the Osage Tribal Education Committee to withdraw interest earned from the investment principal; however, expenditures shall be made against only the interest generated from investment principal and reverted funds.

(c) All funds deposited will accumulate interest at a rate not less than that generally available for similar funds deposited at the same banking or savings institution or invested in the same obligations of the United States Government for the same period of time.

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