25 CFR § 141.46 - Credit disclosure statements.

§ 141.46 Credit disclosure statements.

Upon approval of a credit application the lender shall give the applicant the following information where applicable in a written disclosure statement:

(a) The maximum credit limit of the account.

(b) The conditions under which a finance charge may be imposed.

(c) The period in which payment may be made without incurring a finance charge.

(d) The method used in determining the balance on which the finance charge is calculated.

(e) The method used to calculate the finance charge.

(f) The periodic rates used and the range of balances to which each rate applies.

(g) The conditions under which additional charges may be made and the method for calculating those charges.

(h) A description of any lien that may be acquired on a customer's property.

(i) The minimum payment that must be made on each billing.