25 CFR § 166.207 - What provisions will be contained in a permit?

§ 166.207 What provisions will be contained in a permit?

A permit, at a minimum, must include:

(a) Authorized user(s);

(b) Conservation plan requirements;

(c) Prohibition against creating a nuisance, any illegal activity, and negligent use or waste or resources;

(d) Numbers and types of livestock allowed;

(e) Season(s) of use;

(f) Grazing rental payment, payment schedule, and late payment interest and penalties;

(g) Administrative fees;

(h) Tribal fees, if applicable;

(i) Payment method;

(j) Range unit number or name;

(k) Animal identification requirements;

(l) A description (preferably a legal description) of the permitted area;

(m) Term of permit (including beginning and ending dates of the term allowed, as well as any option to renew, extend or terminate);

(n) Conditions for making improvements, if any;

(o) A right of entry by the BIA for purposes of inspection or enforcement purposes;

(p) A provision concerning the applicability of tribal jurisdiction;

(q) A provision stating how trespass proceeds are to be distributed; and

(r) A provision for the permittee to indemnify the United States and the Indian landowners against all liabilities or costs relating to the use, handling, treatment, removal, storage, transportation, or disposal of hazardous materials or the release or discharge of any hazardous material from the permitted premises that occur during the permit term, regardless of fault.

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