25 CFR § 166.218 - How do I acquire a permit through tribal allocation?

§ 166.218 How do I acquire a permit through tribal allocation?

(a) A tribe may allocate grazing privileges on range units containing trust or restricted land which is entirely tribally-owned or which contains only tribal and government land under the control of the tribe.

(b) A tribe may allocate grazing privileges to its members and to tribally-authorized entities without competitive bidding on tribal and tribally-controlled government land.

(c) We will implement the tribe's allocation procedure by authorizing the grazing privileges on individually-owned Indian land and government land, subject to the rental rate provisions in § 166.400(b) and (c) of this part.

(d) A tribe may prescribe the eligibility requirements for allocations 60 days before granting a new permit or before an existing permit expires.

(e) 120 days before the expiration of existing permits, we will notify the tribe of the 60-day period during which the tribe may prescribe eligibility requirements.

(f) We will prescribe the eligibility requirements after the expiration of the 60-day period in the event satisfactory action is not taken by the tribe.

(g) Grazing rental rates for grazing privileges allocated from an existing permit, in whole or in part, must equal or exceed the rates paid by the preceding permittee(s). Tribal members will pay grazing rental rates established by the tribe on tribal lands.

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