25 CFR § 166.221 - How do I acquire an advertised permit through competitive bidding?

§ 166.221 How do I acquire an advertised permit through competitive bidding?

(a) As part of the negotiation of a permit, Indian landowners may advertise their Indian land to identify potential permittees with whom to negotiate.

(b) When the BIA grants and approves a permit on behalf of an individual Indian landowner using an advertisement for bids, we will:

(1) Prepare and distribute an advertisement of lands available for permit that identifies the terms and conditions of the permit sale, including, for agricultural permits, any preference rights;

(2) Solicit sealed bids and conduct the public permit sale;

(3) Determine and accept the highest or best responsible bidder(s), which may require further competitive bidding after the bid opening; and

(4) Prepare permits for successful bidders.

(c) After completion of the steps in paragraph (b) of this section, the successful bidder must complete and submit the permit and satisfy all applicable requirements, (e.g., bond, insurance, payment of administrative fee, etc.).

(d) After review of the permit documentation for proper completion and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, within 30 days we will:

(1) Grant and approve the permit on behalf of Indian landowners where we are authorized to do so by law;

(2) Distribute the approved permit to the permittee(s) and, upon request, to the Indian landowner(s); and

(3) Record and maintain the approved permit.

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