25 CFR § 167.13 - Trespass.

§ 167.13 Trespass.

The owner of any livestock grazing in trespass in Navajo Tribal ranges shall be subject to action by the Navajo Court of Indian Offenses as provided in part 11 of this chapter, however, upon recommendations of the District Grazing Committee, first offenses may be referred to the Central Grazing Committee and the Superintendent or his authorized representative for proper settlement out of court. The following acts are considered as trespass:

(a) Any person who sells an entire permit must dispose of all his livestock or be in trespass. Any person selling a portion of his permit must not run more stock than covered by his remaining permit, or be subject to immediate trespass.

(b) All persons running livestock in excess of their permitted number must by April 25, 1959, either obtain permits to cover their total livestock numbers or reduce to their permitted number, or be in trespass. Additional time may be granted in unusual individual cases as determined and approved by the District Grazing Committee, General Grazing Committee, and the Superintendent or his authorized representative.

(c) Failure to comply with the provisions in § 167.9, shall be considered as trespass.

(d) Any person who willfully allows his livestock to drift from one district to another shall be subject to trespass action. The grazing of livestock in customary use areas extending over District Boundary lines, when such customary use areas are defined and agreed upon by the District Grazing Committees involved, shall not be considered as willful trespass.

(e) The owner of any livestock who violates the customary or established use units of other permittees shall be subject to trespass action.

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