25 CFR § 167.9 - Grazing permits.

§ 167.9 Grazing permits.

(a) All livestock grazed on the Navajo Reservation must be covered by an authorized grazing permit issued by the Superintendent based upon the recommendations of the District Grazing Committee. All such grazing permits will be automatically renewed annually until terminated. District Grazing Committees shall act on all grazing permit changes resulting from negotiability within their respective Districts. The number of livestock that may be grazed under each permit shall be the number originally permitted plus or minus any changes as indicated by Transfer Agreements and Court Judgment Orders.

(b) Any permittee who has five or more horses on his current permit will be required to apply any acquired sheep units in classes of stock other than horses. If the purchaser wishes more than his present number of horses, he must have his needs evaluated by the District Grazing Committee. Yearling colts will be counted against permitted number on all permits with six or more horses. Yearling colts will not be counted against permitted number on all permits with less than six horses. In hardship cases the District Grazing Committee may reissue horses removed from grazing permits through negotiability to permit holders who are without sufficient horses on their present permits to meet minimum needs.

(c) No permittee shall be authorized to graze more than ten head of horses or to accumulate a total of over 350 sheep units.

(d) Upon recommendation of the District Grazing Committee and with the approval of the Superintendent, grazing permits may be transferred from one permittee to another in accordance with instructions provided by the Advisory Committee of the Navajo Tribal Council, or may be inherited; provided that the permitted holdings of any individual permittee shall not exceed 350 sheep units or the equivalent thereof. Should inheritance or other acquisition of permits increase the holdings of any permittee to more than 350 sheep units, said permittee shall dispose of all livestock in excess of 350 sheep units not later than November 15 following date of inheritance or other acquisition, and that portion of his or her permit in excess of 350 sheep units within one year from date of inheritance.

(e) By request of a permittee to sublet all or a part of his or her regular grazing permit to a member of his family or to any person who would receive such permit by inheritance, such subletting of permits may be authorized by the District Grazing Committee and the Superintendent or his authorized representative.