25 CFR § 167.6 - Carrying capacities.

§ 167.6 Carrying capacities.

(a) The Commissioner of Indian Affairs on June 26, 1943, promulgated the authorized carrying capacity for each land management district of the Navajo Reservation.

(b) Recommended adjustments in carrying capacities shall be referred by the Superintendent to District Grazing Committee, Central Grazing Committee, and the Navajo Tribal Council for review and recommendations prior to presentation to the Area Director and the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for approval.

(c) Upon the request of the District Grazing Committee, Central Grazing Committee and Navajo Tribal Council to the Superintendent; recommendations for future adjustments to the established carrying capacities shall be made by Range Technicians based on the best information available through annual utilization studies and range condition studies analyzed along with numbers of livestock and precipitation data. The recommendations of the Range Technicians shall be submitted to the Superintendent, the Area Director and the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

(d) Carrying capacities shall be stated in terms of sheep units yearlong, in the ratio of horses, mules, and burros 1 to 5; cattle 1 to 4; goats 1 to 1. The latter figure in each case denotes sheep units. Sheep, goats, cattle, horses, mules, and burros one year of age or older shall be counted against the carrying capacity.