25 CFR § 167.7 - Records.

§ 167.7 Records.

The District Grazing Committee, the Superintendent, and his authorized representatives shall keep accurate records of all grazing permits and ownership of all livestock. Master files shall be maintained by the Superintendent or his authorized representatives.

(a) The District Grazing Committee shall be responsible for and assist in organizing the sheep and goat dipping and horse and cattle branding program and obtaining the annual live- stock count.

(b) In order to obtain true records of ownership the permittee shall personally appear at the dipping vat or tallying point designated by the Grazing Committee with his or her sheep and goats and at branding and tallying points for cattle and horses. Should the permittee be unable to appear personally he or she shall designate a representative to act for and in his or her behalf. The sheep and goats will be dipped and the cattle and horses will be branded and recorded in the name of the permittee.

(c) The Superintendent shall prepare and keep current a register containing the names of all permittees using the range, the number of each class of stock by age classes grazed annually and the periods during which grazing shall be permitted in each part thereof. An annual stock census will be taken to insure that the carrying capacity is not exceeded. All classes of livestock twelve months of age or over will be counted against range use and permitted number, except that yearling colts will not be counted against permitted numbers on all permits with less than six horses. (Cross Reference § 167.9.)