25 CFR § 167.8 - Grazing rights.

§ 167.8 Grazing rights.

(a) The Superintendent shall determine grazing rights of bona fide live-stock owners based on recommendations of District Grazing Committees. Grazing rights shall be recognized for those permittees having ownership records as established in accordance with § 167.7 or who have acquired grazing rights by marriage, inheritance, purchase or division of permits. Whenever the permitted number of sheep units within a district is less than the carrying capacity, new permits to the carrying capacity limit may be granted as provided in § 167.9.

(b) All enrolled members of the Navajo Tribe over 18 years of age are eligible to acquire and hold grazing permits. Minors under 18 years of age can get possession of grazing permits only through inheritance or gift, and in each case Trustees must be appointed by the Tribal Courts to manage the permits and livestock of such minors until they become 18 years of age and can hold grazing permits in their own right.

(c) No person can hold a grazing permit in more than one district on the Navajo Reservation.

(d) Determination of rights to grazing permits involved in cases of divorce, separation, threatened family disruption, and permits of deceased permittees shall be the responsibility of the Navajo Court of Indian Offenses under existing laws, rules, and regulations.