25 CFR § 215.17 - Additional information required.

§ 215.17 Additional information required.

Corporations, with their first application, must file one certified copy of articles of incorporation and, if a foreign corporation, evidence showing compliance with local corporation laws; also a list showing officers and stockholders, with post-office addresses and number of shares held by each. Statements of any changes of officers or any changes or additions of stockholders must be furnished to the Indian superintendent on January 1 of each year and at any time when requested. The right is reserved to the Secretary of the Interior to require of individual stockholders affidavits setting forth in what companies or with what persons or firms they are interested in lead and zinc mining leases, or land under the jurisdiction of the Quapaw Indian Agency, and whether they hold such stock for themselves or in trust. Evidence must also be given in a single affidavit (Form I) by the Secretary of the company or by the president of said company, showing authority of the officers of the company to execute the lease, bond, and other papers.

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