25 CFR 243.9 - Who may inherit live Alaskan reindeer and by what means?

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§ 243.9 Who may inherit live Alaskan reindeer and by what means?

(a) Privately-owned live Alaskan reindeer may pass to the deceased owner's Native heirs by descent or devise.

(b) In the event of the death of an owner of Alaskan reindeer, any direct or indirect interest by descent or devise shall be determined by the Department of Interior in a proceeding conducted in accordance with the provisions of 43 CFR part 4, subpart D. During the pendency of such a proceeding, the authority to assume control over the affected Alaskan reindeer pursuant to 43 CFR 4.270 may be exercised by the Alaska Regional Director or his designee.

(c) This paragraph applies if the final probate decree of the Department of the Interior, or the decision of any reviewing Federal court, identifies a non-Native as inheriting Alaskan reindeer. The non-Native may inherit, but must be allowed no more than 30 days from receiving the final determination of heirship to:

(1) Slaughter the reindeer;

(2) Apply for a permit to transfer the reindeer to an out-of-state transferee; or

(3) Transfer ownership of the reindeer to one or more Alaska Native family members or other Alaska Native(s).