25 CFR § 273.192 - What is required to renew a contract?

§ 273.192 What is required to renew a contract?

(a) The existing contracting party seeking to renew a contract will submit to the awarding official:

(1) A written request to renew;

(2) The current education plan approved by the Indian Education Committee, if expired;

(3) A scope of work; and

(4) A budget outlining the Johnson-O'Malley funds for operational support and/or supplemental programs, by line item, to facilitate accountability.

(b) The awarding official will send the existing contracting party an acknowledgment letter and specify if any information is required to complete renewal package.

(c) The approving official will approve or disapprove a renewal within 90 days after the approving official receives the renewal and any additional information requested. The approving official may extend the 90-day deadline after obtaining the written consent of the existing contracting party.