25 CFR § 276.17 - Printing.

§ 276.17 Printing.

As permitted by paragraph 36-2(c) in the Government Printing and Binding Regulations (October 1974, No. 23), published by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP), printing required by a grantee in performing work under a grant is considered “incidental printing” (e.g., material which the grantee needs to use to respond to the terms of the grant). Whenever the incidental printing is likely to exceed the exclusions in paragraphs 36-3 and 36-4 of the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Printing and Binding Regulations, specific provisions on printing as may be required shall be included in the grant agreement. Grantees shall be given the option of using sources other than the Government Printing Office for incidental printing.

[43 FR 37446, Aug. 23, 1978]