25 CFR § 580.1 - What definitions apply?

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§ 580.1 What definitions apply?

The following definitions apply to this subchapter:

Day: A calendar day.

De novo review: A standard of review where the Commission reviews the matter anew, as if it had not been reviewed by the Chair.

Limited participant: A party who successfully petitions the Commission to participate on a limited basis in an ordinance appeal under § 582.5 of this subchapter.

Preponderance of the evidence: The degree of relevant evidence that a reasonable person, considering the record as a whole, would accept as sufficient to find that a contested fact is more likely to be true than untrue.

Presiding official: The individual who presides over the hearing and issues the recommended decision under part 584. This individual shall not be under the direct control or supervision of the Commission, nor subject to influence by the Chair or the Commission.

Proceeding: All or part of an appeal heard by a presiding official or the Commission, and decided by the Commission.

Summary proceeding: Ordinance appeals and management contract and amendment appeals are summary proceedings.