25 CFR § 75.19 - Distribution of judgment funds.

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§ 75.19 Distribution of judgment funds.

The membership roll of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina will be brought up to date as of October 10, 1974, to serve as the basis for distributing certain judgment funds awarded to the Band in Indian Claims Commission dockets 282-A through L.

(a) Filing of and action on applications shall be in accordance with regulations in this part 75, except as otherwise provided in paragraphs (b) through (g) of this section.

(b) In lieu of notice provisions contained in § 75.3, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs or his authorized representative shall provide notice of the bringing up to date of the membership roll through publication of these amended regulations in the Federal Register and through appropriate press releases and other public notices.

(c) Application forms may be obtained from the Tribal Enrollment Office of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Council House, Cherokee, North Carolina 28719. Completed applications must be received by the Tribal Enrollment Office no later than midnight January 8, 1975.

(d) Requests for applications for enrollment in the Band received after midnight of the deadline date will not be furnished until after the funds have been distributed.

(e) In lieu of the procedures given in § 75.14, appeals from rejected applicants must be in writing and filed pursuant to part 62 of this subchapter, a copy of which shall be furnished with each notice of rejection.

(f) The Tribal Council and the Superintendent shall attach separate statements to the roll certifying that to the best of their knowledge and belief, the roll contains only the names of those persons who were determined to meet the requirements for enrollment. The roll shall then be submitted through the Area Director to the Commissioner for approval.

(g) To facilitate the work of the Tribal Enrollment Committee the Commissioner may issue special instructions not inconsistent with the regulations in this part 75.

[39 FR 43391, Dec. 13, 1974. Redesignated at 47 FR 13327, Mar. 30, 1982]

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