25 CFR § 91.7 - Permits to occupy land for dwelling purposes.

§ 91.7 Permits to occupy land for dwelling purposes.

The issuance of permits for the use of land for dwelling purposes within any village reserve described in § 91.3 except tracts reserved for specific purposes by § 91.5 will be under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent. Permits may be issued only to tribal members upon application to the Superintendent: Provided, That only one permit shall be issued to any one individual and that erection of a dwelling house shall be started on such land within six (6) months from date of approval of the permit or such permit shall be automatically terminated except that upon written application the Superintendent may extend such permit for an addition six (6) months: Provided, further, That only one dwelling shall be constructed under any one permit. Permits shall be issued for the use of one to three contiguous lots, depending upon the quality and permanency of the improvements to be placed thereon. Permits issued under this section shall be made in duplicate in a manner to be prescribed by the Superintendent. The original copy shall be filed in the Branch of Realty, Osage Agency, and the duplicate copy shall be mailed to the permittee.

[33 FR 8270, June 4, 1968. Redesignated at 47 FR 13327, Mar. 30, 1982]