26 CFR § 1.857-1 - Taxation of real estate investment trusts.

§ 1.857-1 Taxation of real estate investment trusts.

(a) Requirements applicable thereto. Section 857(a) denies the application of the provisions of part II, subchapter M, chapter 1 of the Code (other than sections 856(g), relating to the revocation or termination of an election, and 857(d), relating to earnings and profits) to a real estate investment trust for a taxable year unless -

(1) The deduction for dividends paid for the taxable year as defined in section 561 (computed without regard to capital gain dividends) equals or exceeds the amount specified in section 857(a)(1), as in effect for the taxable year; and

(2) The trust complies for such taxable year with the provisions of § 1.857-8 (relating to records required to be maintained by a real estate investment trust).

See section 858 and § 1.858-1, relating to dividends paid after the close of the taxable year.

(b) Failure to qualify. If a real estate investment trust does not meet the requirements of section 857(a) and paragraph (a) of this section for the taxable year, it will, even though it may otherwise be classified as a real estate investment trust, be taxed in such year as an ordinary corporation and not as a real estate investment trust. In such case, none of the provisions of part II of subchapter M (other than sections 856(g) and 857(d)) will be applicable to it. For the rules relating to the applicability of sections 856(g) and 857(d), see § 1.857-7.

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