27 CFR § 19.488 - Marks on packages filled in processing.

§ 19.488 Marks on packages filled in processing.

(a) Packages filled in processing. Except as otherwise provided in this part, a proprietor must mark packages of spirits filled in processing with:

(1) The name of the processor, or the processor's trade name;

(2) The distilled spirits plant number of the processor, such as “DSP-KY-708”;

(3) The kind of spirits in accordance with § 19.487 or, in the case of an intermediate product, the product name shown on form TTB F 5110.38, Formula for Distilled Spirits Under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act;

(4) The serial number or lot identification number, in accordance with § 19.490, and the date of filling;

(5) The proof of the spirits; and

(6) The serial number of the formula if it was manufactured under an approved formula.

(b) Real or trade names. The proprietor's real name or any trade name used in accordance with § 19.94 may be placed on any package filled with spirits during processing operations.

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