27 CFR § 19.495 - Marks on bulk conveyances.

§ 19.495 Marks on bulk conveyances.

(a) A proprietor must securely attach a label identifying each conveyance or compartment to the route board, or to another equivalent device, for each bulk conveyance used to transport spirits or denatured spirits setting forth the following information:

(1) The name, plant number, and location of the consignor;

(2) The name, distilled spirits plant number, permit number, or registry number (as applicable), and the location of the consignee;

(3) The date of shipment;

(4) The quantity (proof gallons for spirits, wine gallons for denatured spirits); and

(5) The formula number for denatured spirits.

(b) If the conveyance is accompanied by documentation containing the information specified in paragraph (a) of this section, the proprietor is not required to label each conveyance or compartment.

(c) Export shipments must conform to the requirements of part 28 of this chapter.