27 CFR § 19.55 - Other businesses.

§ 19.55 Other businesses.

(a) The appropriate TTB officer may authorize the conduct of a business other than that of a distiller, warehouseman, or processor on the premises of a distilled spirits plant if:

(1) The business is not prohibited by 26 U.S.C. 5601(a)(6);

(2) The business will not jeopardize the revenue;

(3) The business will not hinder TTB's effective administration of this part; and

(4) The business will not be contrary to law.

(b) A person who wishes to conduct another business at a distilled spirits plant must apply for such authorization in accordance with § 19.73(b) or § 19.120(b) and receive approval from the appropriate TTB officer before operating the other business. The approval will specify whether the other business may be conducted on the bonded premises or on the general premises.

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