27 CFR § 19.73 - Information required in application for registration.

§ 19.73 Information required in application for registration.

(a) General. The application for registration on form TTB F 5110.41, Registration of Distilled Spirits Plant, must include the following information:

(1) The serial number;

(2) The name, principal business address, and location of the distilled spirits plant if different from the applicant's business address;

(3) The operations that will be conducted;

(4) The purpose for filing the application;

(5) A statement describing the type of business organization and the persons involved in the business in accordance with § 19.93. However, if any of this information is already on file with the appropriate TTB officer, the applicant may advise TTB that the information on file is part of the application for registration;

(6) A list of any operating permits, basic permits, operations bonds, withdrawal bonds, and/or unit bonds, including the amount of any bond(s) and the name of the surety on the bond;

(7) In the case of a corporation, a list of the offices and officers authorized by the articles of incorporation or the board of directors to sign or act on behalf of the corporation;

(8) A description of the plant in accordance with § 19.74;

(9) A list of major equipment in accordance with § 19.75;

(10) A statement of the maximum number of proof gallons that will be produced in the distillery during a period of 15 days, stored on the bonded premises, and in transit to the bonded premises. This statement is not required if the operations or unit bond is in the maximum amount;

(11) A statement that accounting records will be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;

(12) A statement of plant security measures in accordance with § 19.76;

(13) The following information if the applicant intends to operate as a distiller:

(i) Total proof gallons of spirits that can be produced daily;

(ii) A statement of production procedures in accordance with § 19.77; and

(iii) A statement as to whether spirits will be redistilled;

(14) The following information if the applicant intends to operate as a warehouseman:

(i) A description of the storage system; and

(ii) Total amount of bulk wine gallons that can be stored;

(15) The following information if the applicant intends to operate as a processor:

(i) A statement whether spirits will or will not be bottled, denatured, redistilled, and whether articles will be manufactured; and

(ii) A description of the storage system for spirits bottled and cased or otherwise packaged and placed in approved containers for removal from bonded premises; and

(16) A statement whether the applicant is required to furnish a bond under § 19.151.

(b) Other business. If the applicant intends to conduct any other business on the distilled spirits plant premises as authorized under § 19.55, the following information must be submitted with the application:

(1) A description of the business;

(2) A list of buildings and equipment that will be used; and

(3) A statement of the relationship of the business to the distilled spirits operations at the plant.

(c) Additional information. The applicant must furnish any additional information needed by TTB to determine if the application for registration should be approved.

(26 U.S.C. 5171, 5172, 6001)
[T.D. TTB-92, 76 FR 9090, Feb. 16, 2011, as amended by T.D. TTB-146, 82 FR 1119, Jan. 4, 2017]