27 CFR § 19.601 - Finished products records.

§ 19.601 Finished products records.

(a) Bottling and packaging. A proprietor must maintain daily transaction records and a daily summary record of the quantity of finished products bottled or packaged within the processing account at the distilled spirits plant. These records must show:

(1) The beginning and ending quantity of bottled or packaged spirits on hand;

(2) The quantity of spirits bottled or packaged; and

(3) Inventory overages.

(b) Disposition of finished products. A proprietor must also maintain daily records of the disposition of finished products from the processing account at the distilled spirits plant. These disposition records must show any spirits:

(1) Transferred in bond (packages);

(2) Withdrawn tax determined;

(3) Withdrawn free of tax for U.S., hospital, scientific, or educational use;

(4) Withdrawn without payment of tax for addition to wine;

(5) Withdrawn for exportation, for vessels and aircraft supplies and for transfer to a customs bonded warehouse;

(6) Transferred to the production account for redistillation;

(7) Withdrawn for research, development or testing (including government samples);

(8) Voluntarily destroyed;

(9) Dumped for further processing;

(10) Recorded losses or shortages of finished product; and

(11) Disposed of as samples of the finished product.

[T.D. TTB-92, 76 FR 9090, Feb. 16, 2011, as amended by T.D. TTB-119, 79 FR 17033, Mar. 27, 2014]

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