27 CFR § 19.72 - General requirements for registration.

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§ 19.72 General requirements for registration.

(a) Establishment. A person who wishes to establish a distilled spirits plant must intend to conduct operations as a distiller, as a warehouseman, or both. A person cannot establish a distilled spirits plant solely for the processing of spirits.

(b) Registration. Before beginning operations as a distilled spirits plant, a person must submit an application for registration and receive approval from TTB. The following rules apply to an application for registration:

(1) The applicant must apply for registration on form TTB F 5110.41, Registration of Distilled Spirits Plant, and submit the application to the appropriate TTB officer;

(2) TTB will consider all written statements, affidavits, and other documents supporting the application as part of the application;

(3) If the appropriate TTB officer determines that the original application for registration cannot be approved because it contains incomplete or incorrect information, TTB may require that the applicant file an additional TTB F 5110.41, or submit other documentation to complete or correct the original application; and

(4) The applicant must file any additional forms or submit any other documentation within 60 days of the appropriate TTB officer's request.

(26 U.S.C. 5171, 5172)