27 CFR § 19.93 - Applicant organization documents.

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§ 19.93 Applicant organization documents.

(a) Supporting information. Sections 19.73(a)(5) and 19.92(a)(4) require that the application for registration and the application for an operating permit include information about the business organization of the applicant. The applicant must provide the following information as applicable:

(1) If the applicant is a corporation -

(i) The corporate charter or other documentation that provides proof of corporate existence or incorporation;

(ii) Names and addresses of directors and officers;

(iii) Certified minutes, or extracts of board of directors meetings, that authorize specific individuals to sign for the corporation; and

(iv) A statement showing the number of shares of each class of stock or other evidence of ownership, authorized and outstanding, and the voting rights of the respective owners or holders.

(2) If the applicant is a partnership, a copy of the articles of partnership or association, or certificate of partnership or association if required to be filed by any State, county, or municipality.

(3) If the applicant is a limited liability company or limited liability partnership -

(i) A copy of the articles of organization;

(ii) A copy of the operating agreement; and

(iii) The names and addresses of all members and managers.

(b) Statement of interest -

(1) Sole proprietorships and general partnerships. In the case of an individual owner or a general partnership, the applicant must provide the name and address of each person having an interest in the business and a statement indicating whether the interest appears in the name of the interested person or in the name of another person.

(2) Limited liability entities. In the case of a corporation, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, or other legal entity in which some or all of the owners have limited personal liability for the activities of the entity, the applicant must provide the following information about persons having an interest in the business:

(i) The names and addresses of the 10 persons that have the largest ownership or other interest in each of the classes of ownership of the applicant and the nature and amount of ownership or other interest of each person.

(ii) The name of the person in whose name the interest appears. If the corporation is wholly owned or controlled by another corporation, the appropriate TTB officer may request the same information regarding ownership for the parent corporation.

(26 U.S.C. 5172, 5271)