27 CFR § 4.50 - Certificates of label approval.

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§ 4.50 Certificates of label approval.

(a) No person shall bottle or pack wine, other than wine bottled or packed in U.S. Customs custody, or remove such wine from the plant where bottled or packed, unless an approved certificate of label approval, TTB Form 5100.31, is issued by the appropriate TTB officer.

(b) Any bottler or packer of wine shall be exempt from the requirements of this section if upon application the bottler or packer shows to the satisfaction of the appropriate TTB officer that the wine to be bottled or packed is not to be sold, offered for sale, or shipped or delivered for shipment, or otherwise introduced in interstate or foreign commerce. Application for exemption shall be made on TTB Form 5100.31 in accordance with instructions on the form. If the application is approved, a certificate of exemption will be issued on the same form.

(c) Cross reference. For procedures regarding the issuance, denial, and revocation of certificates of label approval, and certificates of exemption from label approval, as well as appeal procedures, see part 13 of this chapter.

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