27 CFR § 46.72 - Meaning of terms.

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§ 46.72 Meaning of terms.

When used in this subpart, the following terms shall have the meanings given in this section, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Words in the plural form shall include the singular, and vice versa, and words indicating the masculine gender shall include the feminine. The terms “includes” and “including” do not exclude things not listed which are in the same general class.

Act. The Excise Tax Technical Changes Act of 1958 (Pub. L. 85-859, 72 Stat. 1275), enacted September 2, 1958.

Appropriate TTB officer. An officer or employee of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) authorized to perform any functions relating to the administration or enforcement of this part by TTB Order 1135.46, Delegation of the Administrator's Authorities in 27 CFR Part 46, Miscellaneous Regulations Relating to Tobacco Products and Cigarette Papers and Tubes.

Claimant. The person who held the tobacco products or cigarette papers and tubes for sale at the time of the disaster and who files claim under this subpart.

Commissioner of Customs. The Commissioner of Customs, U.S. Customs Service, The Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC.

Disaster. A flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, storm, or other catastrophe which has occurred in any part of the United States on and after the day following the date of enactment of the act and which the President of the United States has determined, under the Act of September 30, 1950 (64 Stat. 1109; 42 U.S.C. 1855), was a “major disaster” as defined in such Act.

Duly authorized official. Any Federal, State, or local government official in whom has been vested authority to condemn tobacco products and cigarette papers and tubes made the subject of a claim under this subpart.

Duty or duties. Any duty or duties paid under the customs laws of the United States.

Removal or remove. The removal of tobacco products or cigarette papers or tubes from the factory, or release of such articles from Customs custody.

Sale price. The price for which large cigars are sold by the manufacturer or importer, determined in accordance with §§ 40.22 or 41.39 and used in computation of the tax.

Tax paid or determined. The internal revenue tax on tobacco products and cigarette papers and tubes which has acutally been paid, or which has been determined pursuant to 26 U.S.C. 5703(b), and regulations thereunder, at the time of their removal subject to tax payable on the basis of a return.

Tobacco Products. Cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, and roll-your-own tobacco.

United States. When used in a geographical sense, includes only the States, and the District of Columbia.

[T.D. 6392, 24 FR 5300, June 30, 1959]
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