27 CFR § 5.64 - Brand name.

§ 5.64 Brand name.

(a) Requirement. The distilled spirits label must include a brand name. If the distilled spirits are not sold under a brand name, then the name of the bottler, distiller or importer, as applicable, appearing in the name and address statement is treated as the brand name.

(b) Misleading brand names. Labels may not include any misleading brand names. A brand name is misleading if it creates (by itself or in association with other printed or graphic matter) any erroneous impression or inference as to the age, origin, identity, or other characteristics of the distilled spirits. A brand name that would otherwise be misleading may be qualified with the word “brand” or with some other qualification, if the appropriate TTB officer determines that the qualification dispels any misleading impression that might otherwise be created.

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