28 CFR § 0.25 - General functions.

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§ 0.25 General functions.

The following-described matters are assigned to, and shall be conducted, handled, or supervised by, the Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel:

(a) Preparing the formal opinions of the Attorney General; rendering informal opinions and legal advice to the various agencies of the Government; and assisting the Attorney General in the performance of his functions as legal adviser to the President and as a member of, and legal adviser to, the Cabinet.

(b) Preparing and making necessary revisions of proposed Executive orders and proclamations, and advising as to their form and legality prior to their transmission to the President; and performing like functions with respect to regulations and other similar matters which require the approval of the President or the Attorney General.

(c) Rendering opinions to the Attorney General and to the heads of the various organizational units of the Department on questions of law arising in the administration of the Department.

(d) Approving proposed orders of the Attorney General, and orders which require the approval of the Attorney General, as to form and legality and as to consistency and conformity with existing orders and memoranda.

(e) Coordinating the work of the Department of Justice with respect to the participation of the United States in the United Nations and related international organizations and advising with respect to the legal aspects of treaties and other international agreements.

(f) When requested, advising the Attorney General in connection with his review of decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals and other organizational units of the Department.

(g) Designating within the Office of Legal Counsel:

(1) A liaison officer, and an alternate, as a representative of the Department in all matters concerning the filing of departmental documents with the Office of the Federal Register, and

(2) A certifying officer, and an alternate, to certify copies of documents required to be filed with the Office of the Federal Register (1 CFR 16.1).

(h) Approving certain blind trusts, as required by section 202(f)(4)(B) of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, 92 Stat. 1843.

(i) Consulting with the Director of the Office of Government Ethics regarding the development of policies, rules, regulations, procedures and forms relating to ethics and conflicts of interest, as required by section 402 of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, 92 Stat. 1862.

(j) Taking actions to ensure implementation of Executive Order 12612 (entitled “Federalism”), including determining which Department policies have sufficient federalism implications to warrant preparation of a Federalism Assessment, reviewing Assessments for adequacy, and executing certifications for the Assessments.

(k) Performing such special duties as may be assigned by the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, or the Associate Attorney General from time to time.

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