28 CFR § 42.206 - Compliance reviews.

§ 42.206 Compliance reviews.

(a) The Office shall periodically conduct:

(1) Pre-award compliance reviews of all applicants requesting a grant from LEAA, NIJ, or BJS for $500,000 or more; and

(2) Post-award compliance reviews of selected recipients of LEAA, NIJ, or BJS assistance.

(b) Pre-award reviews. The Office shall review selected formula, discretionary, and national priority applications for $500,000 or more in order to determine whether the application presents a possibility of discrimination in the services to be performed under the grant, or in the employment practices of the applicant. In those instances where it finds such a possibility, the Office shall special condition, disapprove or take other action with respect to the application to assure that the project complies with section 815(c)(1) of the JSIA.

(c) Post-award reviews. The Office shall seek to review those recipients which appear to have the most serious equal employment opportunity problems, or the greatest disparity in the delivery of services to the minority and non-minority or male and female communities they serve. Selection for review shall be made on the basis of:

(1) The relative disparity between the percentage of minorities, or women, in the relevant labor market, and the percentage of minorities, or women, employed by the recipient;

(2) The percentage of women and minorities in the population receiving program benefits;

(3) The number and nature of discrimination complaints filed against a recipient with OJARS or other Federal agencies;

(4) The scope of the problems revealed by an investigation commenced on the basis of a complaint filed with the Office against a recipient or by a pre-award compliance review; and

(5) The amount of assistance provided to the recipient.

(d) Within 15 days after selection of a recipient for review, the Office shall inform the recipient that it has been selected and will initiate the review. The review will ordinarily be initiated by a letter requesting data pertinent to the review and advising the recipient of:

(1) The practices to be reviewed;

(2) The programs or activities affected by the review;

(3) The opportunity to make, at any time prior to receipt of the Office's investigative findings, a documentary submission responding to the Office, explaining, validating, or otherwise addressing the practices under review; and

(4) The schedule under which the review will be conducted and a determination of compliance or non-compliance made.

Copies of this letter will also be sent to the chief executive of the appropriate unit(s) of government, and to the appropriate CJC.

(e) Within 150 days or, where an on-site investigation is required, within 175 days after the initiation of the review, the Office shall advise the recipient, the chief executive(s) of the appropriate unit(s) of government, and the appropriate CJC, of:

(1) Its investigative findings;

(2) Where appropriate, its recommendations for compliance; and

(3) The opportunity to request the Office to engage in voluntary compliance negotiations prior to the Director of OJARS' determination of compliance or noncompliance.

(f) If, within 30 days, the Office's recommendations for compliance are not met, or voluntary compliance is not secured, the Director of OJARS shall make a determination of compliance or non-compliance. The determination shall be made no later than 14 days after the conclusion of the 30-day negotiation period. If the Director makes a determination of non-compliance with section 815(c) of the JSIA, the Office shall institute administrative proceedings pursuant to § 42.208, et seq.

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