28 CFR § 48.8 - Written comments and requests for a hearing.

§ 48.8 Written comments and requests for a hearing.

(a) Any person who believes that the Attorney General should or should not approve a proposed arrangement, may at any time after filing of the application until 30 days after publication in the Federal Register of the notice required in § 48.6,

(1) File written comments stating the reasons why approval should or should not be granted, and/or

(2) File a request that a hearing be held on the application. A request for a hearing shall set forth the issues of fact to be determined and the reasons that a hearing is required to determine them.

(b) Any person may within 30 days after the filing of any comment or request pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, file a reply for the consideration of the Attorney General.

(c) After the expiration of the time for filing of replies in accordance with § 48.7 and this section the Attorney General shall either approve or deny approval of the arrangement, in accordance with § 48.14, or shall order that a hearing be held.