28 CFR § 5.201 - Exhibits.

§ 5.201 Exhibits.

(a) The following described exhibits are required to be filed for each foreign principal of the registrant:

(1) Exhibit A. This exhibit, which shall be filed on a form provided by the Registration Unit, shall set forth the information required to be disclosed concerning each foreign principal.

(2) Exhibit B. This exhibit, which shall be filed on a form provided by the Registration Unit, shall set forth the agreement or understanding between the registrant and each of his foreign principals as well as the nature and method of performance of such agreement or understanding and the existing or proposed activities engaged in or to be engaged in, including political activities, by the registrant for the foreign principal.

(b) Any change in the information furnished in exhibit A or B shall be reported to the Registration Unit within 10 days of such change. The filing of a new exhibit may then be required by the Assistant Attorney General.

(c) Whenever the registrant is an association, corporation, organization, or any other combination of individuals, the following documents shall be filed as exhibit C:

(1) A copy of the registrant's charter, articles of incorporation or association, or constitution, and a copy of its bylaws, and amendments thereto;

(2) A copy of every other instrument or document, and a statement of the terms and conditions of every oral agreement, relating to the organization, powers and purposes of the registrant.

(d) The requirement to file any of the documents described in paragraphs (c) (1) and (2) of this section may be wholly or partially waived upon written application by the registrant to the Assistant Attorney General setting forth fully the reasons why such waiver should be granted.

(e) Whenever a registrant, within the United States, receives or collects contributions, loans, money, or other things of value, as part of a fund-raising campaign, for or in the interests of his foreign principal, he shall file as exhibit D a statement so captioned setting forth the amount of money or the value of the thing received or collected, the names and addresses of the persons from whom such money or thing of value was received or collected, and the amount of money or a description of the thing of value transmitted to the foreign principal as well as the manner and time of such transmission.

(28 U.S.C. 509 and 510; 5 U.S.C. 301)
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