28 CFR § 551.13 - Application to marry.

§ 551.13 Application to marry.

(a) A federal inmate confined in a Bureau institution who wants to get married shall submit a request to marry to the inmate's unit team. The unit team shall evaluate the request based on the criteria identified in § 551.12. A written report of the unit team's findings, and its recommendation, shall be forwarded to the Warden for a final decision.

(b) The Warden shall notify the inmate in writing whether the inmate's request to marry is approved or disapproved. A copy of this notification shall be placed in the inmate's central file. When the Warden's decision is to disapprove the inmate's request, the notification to the inmate shall include a statement of reason(s) for that action. The Warden shall advise the inmate that the decision may be appealed through the Administrative Remedy Procedure.

(c) All expenses of the marriage (for example, a marriage license) shall be paid by the inmate, the inmate's intended spouse, the inmate's family, or other appropriate source approved by the Warden. The Warden may not permit appropriated funds to be used for an inmate marriage.