28 CFR § 551.14 - Special circumstances.

§ 551.14 Special circumstances.

(a) Detainers and pending charges. Staff review of a marriage request from an inmate who has a detainer(s) and/or a pending charge(s) shall include an assessment of the legal effects of the marriage on these actions. For example, an inmate could request to marry a potential witness in litigation pending against that inmate. Approving this marriage could affect the status of this litigation.

(b) Pretrial inmates. A pretrial inmate may request permission to marry in accordance with the provisions of this rule. Staff shall contact the court, U.S. Attorney, and in the case of an alien, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, to advise of the marriage request of the pretrial inmate and to request their comments.

(c) Federal inmates not in Federal institutions. A federal inmate who is not confined in a federal institution who wants to get married shall submit a request to the appropriate Community Corrections Manager. Prior to making a decision on the inmate's request, the Community Corrections Manager shall advise the confining authority of the inmate's request and ask that information on the criteria identified in § 551.12 be furnished.

[49 FR 18385, Apr. 30, 1984, as amended at 58 FR 58248, Oct. 29, 1993]

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