28 CFR § 552.20 - Purpose and scope.

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§ 552.20 Purpose and scope.

The Bureau of Prisons authorizes staff to use force only as a last alternative after all other reasonable efforts to resolve a situation have failed. When authorized, staff must use only that amount of force necessary to gain control of the inmate, to protect and ensure the safety of inmates, staff, and others, to prevent serious property damage and to ensure institution security and good order. Staff are authorized to apply physical restraints necessary to gain control of an inmate who appears to be dangerous because the inmate:

(a) Assaults another individual;

(b) Destroys government property;

(c) Attempts suicide;

(d) Inflicts injury upon self; or

(e) Becomes violent or displays signs of imminent violence.

This rule on application of restraints does not restrict the use of restraints in situations requiring precautionary restraints, particularly in the movement or transfer of inmates (e.g., the use of handcuffs in moving inmates to and from a cell in detention, escorting an inmate to a Special Housing Unit pending investigation, etc.).
[59 FR 30469, June 13, 1994, as amended at 61 FR 39800, July 30, 1996]