28 CFR § 552.24 - Use of four-point restraints.

§ 552.24 Use of four-point restraints.

When the Warden determines that four-point restraints are the only means available to obtain and maintain control over an inmate, the following procedures must be followed:

(a) Soft restraints (e.g., vinyl) must be used to restrain an inmate, unless:

(1) Such restraints previously have proven ineffective with respect to that inmate, or

(2) Such restraints are proven ineffective during the initial application procedure.

(b) Inmates will be dressed in clothing appropriate to the temperature.

(c) Beds will be covered with a mattress, and a blanket/sheet will be provided to the inmate.

(d) Staff shall check the inmate at least every 15 minutes, both to ensure that the restraints are not hampering circulation and for the general welfare of the inmate. When an inmate is restrained to a bed, staff shall periodically rotate the inmate's position to avoid soreness or stiffness.

(e) A review of the inmate's placement in four-point restraints shall be made by a Lieutenant every two hours to determine if the use of restraints has had the required calming effect and so that the inmate may be released from these restraints (completely or to lesser restraints) as soon as possible. At every two-hour review, the inmate will be afforded the opportunity to use the toilet, unless the inmate is continuing to actively resist or becomes violent while being released from the restraints for this purpose.

(f) When the inmate is placed in four-point restraints, qualified health personnel shall initially assess the inmate to ensure appropriate breathing and response (physical or verbal). Staff shall also ensure that the restraints have not restricted or impaired the inmate's circulation. When inmates are so restrained, qualified health personnel ordinarily are to visit the inmate at least twice during each eight hour shift. Use of four-point restraints beyond eight hours requires the supervision of qualified health personnel. Mental health and qualified health personnel may be asked for advice regarding the appropriate time for removal of the restraints.

(g) When it is necessary to restrain an inmate for longer than eight hours, the Warden (or designee) or institution administrative duty officer shall notify the Regional Director or Regional Duty Officer by telephone.

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