28 CFR § 552.41 - Program procedures.

§ 552.41 Program procedures.

(a) Program Coordinator. Each institution must have a Program Coordinator for the institution's suicide prevention program.

(b) Training. The Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that appropriate training is available to staff and to inmates selected as inmate observers.

(c) Identification of at risk inmates.

(1) Medical staff are to screen a newly admitted inmate for signs that the inmate is at risk for suicide. Ordinarily, this screening is to take place within twenty-four hours of the inmate's admission to the institution.

(2) Staff (whether medical or non-medical) may make an identification at any time based upon the inmate's observed behavior.

(d) Referral. Staff who identify an inmate to be at risk for suicide will have the inmate placed on suicide watch.

(e) Assessment. A psychologist will clinically assess each inmate placed on suicide watch.

(f) Intervention. Upon completion of the clinical assessment, the Program Coordinator or designee will determine the appropriate intervention that best meets the needs of the inmate.

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