28 CFR § 552.42 - Suicide watch conditions.

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§ 552.42 Suicide watch conditions.

(a) Housing. Each institution must have one or more rooms designated specifically for housing an inmate on suicide watch. The designated room must allow staff to maintain adequate control of the inmate without compromising the ability to observe and protect the inmate.

(b) Observation.

(1) Staff or trained inmate observers operating in scheduled shifts are responsible for keeping the inmate under constant observation.

(2) Only the Warden may authorize the use of inmate observers.

(3) Inmate observers are considered to be on an institution work assignment when they are on their scheduled shift.

(c) Suicide watch log. Observers are to document significant observed behavior in a log book.

(d) Termination. Based upon clinical findings, the Program Coordinator or designee will:

(1) Remove the inmate from suicide watch when the inmate is no longer at imminent risk for suicide, or

(2) Arrange for the inmate's transfer to a medical referral center or health care facility.