28 CFR § 76.10 - Motions and requests.

§ 76.10 Motions and requests.

(a)Generally. Any application for an order or any other request shall: be made by motion which shall be in writing (unless the Judge in the course of an oral hearing or appearance consents to accept such motion orally), state with particularity the grounds therefor, and set forth the relief or order sought. Motions or requests made during the course of any oral hearing or appearance before a Judge may be stated orally or in writing and made part of the transcript. All parties shall be given reasonable opportunity to respond or object to the motion or request.

(b)Responses to motions. Within ten (10) days after a written motion is served, or within such other period as the Judge may fix, the other party to the proceeding may file a response to the motion, accompanied by such affidavits or other evidence as the party desires to rely upon. Unless the Judge provides otherwise, no reply to a response shall be filed.

(c)Oral arguments or briefs. No oral argument will be heard on motions unless the Judge otherwise directs. Written memoranda or briefs may be filed with motions or responses to motions, stating the points and authorities relied upon in support of the position taken.