28 CFR § 93.5 - Exclusion of violent offenders.

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§ 93.5 Exclusion of violent offenders.

(a) The Assistant Attorney General will ensure that grants to States, State courts, local courts, units of local government, and Indian tribal governments, acting directly or through agreements with other public or private entities, exclude violent offenders from programs authorized and funded under this part.

(b) No recipient of a grant made under the authority of this part shall permit a violent offender to participate in any program receiving funding pursuant to this part.

(c) Applicants must certify as part of the application process that violent offenders will not participate in programs authorized and funded under this part. The required certification shall be in such form and contain such assurances as the Assistant Attorney General may require to carry out the requirements of this part.

(d) If the Assistant Attorney General determines that one or more violent offenders are participating in a program receiving funding under this part, such funding shall be promptly suspended, pending the termination of participation by those persons deemed ineligible to participate under the regulations in this part.

(e) The Assistant Attorney General may carry out or make arrangements for evaluations and request information from programs that receive support under this part to ensure that violent offenders are excluded from participating in programs hereunder.