29 CFR § 1926.701 - General requirements.

§ 1926.701 General requirements.

(a) Construction loads. No construction loads shall be placed on a concrete structure or portion of a concrete structure unless the employer determines, based on information received from a person who is qualified in structural design, that the structure or portion of the structure is capable of supporting the loads.

(b) Reinforcing steel. All protruding reinforcing steel, onto and into which employees could fall, shall be guarded to eliminate the hazard of impalement.

(c) Post-tensioning operations.

(1) No employee (except those essential to the post-tensioning operations) shall be permitted to be behind the jack during tensioning operations.

(2) Signs and barriers shall be erected to limit employee access to the post-tensioning area during tensioning operations.

(d) Riding concrete buckets. No employee shall be permitted to ride concrete buckets.

(e) Working under loads.

(1) No employee shall be permitted to work under concrete buckets while buckets are being elevated or lowered into position.

(2) To the extent practical, elevated concrete buckets shall be routed so that no employee, or the fewest number of employees, are exposed to the hazards associated with falling concrete buckets.

(f) Personal protective equipment. No employee shall be permitted to apply a cement, sand, and water mixture through a pneumatic hose unless the employee is wearing protective head and face equipment.

[53 FR 22643, June 16, 1988, as amended at 59 FR 40730, Aug. 9, 1994]