29 CFR § 1926.702 - Requirements for equipment and tools.

§ 1926.702 Requirements for equipment and tools.

(a) Bulk cement storage.

(1) Bulk storage bins, containers, and silos shall be equipped with the following:

(i) Conical or tapered bottoms; and

(ii) Mechanical or pneumatic means of starting the flow of material.

(2) No employee shall be permitted to enter storage facilities unless the ejection system has been shut down, locked out, and tagged to indicate that the ejection system is not to be operated.

(b) Concrete mixers. Concrete mixers with one cubic yard (.8 m 3) or larger loading skips shall be equipped with the following:

(1) A mechanical device to clear the skip of materials; and

(2) Guardrails installed on each side of the skip.

(c) Power concrete trowels. Powered and rotating type concrete troweling machines that are manually guided shall be equipped with a control switch that will automatically shut off the power whenever the hands of the operator are removed from the equipment handles.

(d) Concrete buggies. Concrete buggy handles shall not extend beyond the wheels on either side of the buggy.

(e) Concrete pumping systems.

(1) Concrete pumping systems using discharge pipes shall be provided with pipe supports designed for 100 percent overload.

(2) Compressed air hoses used on concrete pumping system shall be provided with positive fail-safe joint connectors to prevent separation of sections when pressurized.

(f) Concrete buckets.

(1) Concrete buckets equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic gates shall have positive safety latches or similar safety devices installed to prevent premature or accidental dumping.

(2) Concrete buckets shall be designed to prevent concrete from hanging up on top and the sides.

(g) Tremies. Sections of tremies and similar concrete conveyances shall be secured with wire rope (or equivalent materials) in addition to the regular couplings or connections.

(h) Bull floats. Bull float handles, used where they might contact energized electrical conductors, shall be constructed of nonconductive material or insulated with a nonconductive sheath whose electrical and mechanical characteristics provide the equivalent protection of a handle constructed of nonconductive material.

(i) Masonry saws.

(1) Masonry saws shall be guarded with a semicircular enclosure over the blade.

(2) A method for retaining blade fragments shall be incorporated in the design of the semicircular enclosure.

(j) Lockout/Tagout Procedures.

(1) No employee shall be permitted to perform maintenance or repair activity on equipment (such as compressors, mixers, screens or pumps used for concrete and masonry construction activities) where the inadvertent operation of the equipment could occur and cause injury, unless all potentially hazardous energy sources have been locked out and tagged.

(2) Tags shall read Do Not Start or similar language to indicate that the equipment is not to be operated.

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