29 CFR § 30.6 - Establishment of utilization goals for race, sex, and ethnicity.

§ 30.6 Establishment of utilization goals for race, sex, and ethnicity.

(a) Where, pursuant to § 30.5, a sponsor is required to establish a utilization goal for a particular racial, sex, or ethnic group in a major occupation group in its apprenticeship program, the sponsor, working with the Registration Agency, must establish a percentage goal at least equal to the availability figure derived under § 30.5(c) for that major occupation group.

(b) A sponsor's determination under § 30.5 that a utilization goal is required constitutes neither a finding nor an admission of discrimination.

(c) Utilization goals serve as objectives or targets reasonably attainable by means of applying every good faith effort to make all aspects of the entire affirmative action program work. Utilization goals are used to measure the effectiveness of the sponsor's outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts.

(d) In establishing utilization goals, the following principles apply:

(1) Utilization goals may not be rigid and inflexible quotas, which must be met, nor are they to be considered either a ceiling or a floor for the selection of particular groups as apprentices. Quotas are expressly forbidden.

(2) Utilization goals may not provide a sponsor with a justification to extend a preference to any individual, select an individual, or adversely affect an individual's status as an apprentice, on the basis of that person's race, sex, or ethnicity.

(3) Utilization goals do not create set-asides for specific groups, nor are they intended to achieve proportional representation or equal results.

(4) Utilization goals may not be used to supersede eligibility requirements for apprenticeship. Affirmative action programs prescribed by the regulations of this part do not require sponsors to select a person who lacks qualifications to participate in the apprenticeship program successfully, or select a less-qualified person in preference to a more qualified one.