29 CFR § 42.20 - Regional Farm Labor Coordinated Enforcement Committee.

§ 42.20 Regional Farm Labor Coordinated Enforcement Committee.

(a) Under the leadership of the ESA Regional Administrator, each region shall establish a Regional Farm Labor Coordinated Enforcement Committee (Regional Committee), including representatives of ESA, OSHA, ETA (the Regional MSFW Monitor Advocate), and the Office of the Regional Solicitor.

(b) The Regional Committee shall be headed by the Regional Administrator of ESA.

(c) The Regional Committee shall:

(1) Meet regularly on at least a quarterly basis;

(2) Exchange information on enforcement activities, including complaint/directed action logs developed by the DOL subagencies;

(3) Develop a written coordinated enforcement strategy specifying for the region all information which the Regional Committee believes will be helpful to the National Committee in formulating the annual coordination plan. This strategy shall include at a minimum all information called for by § 42.8 for the region, taking into account particular conditions in the region (e.g., the seasonality of the farm labor population). Once it is reviewed by the National Committee and appropriately revised, the regional offices of ESA, ETA, and OSHA shall follow the enforcement strategy for the year, with revisions as needed by changing circumstances during the year. The National Committee shall be advised of any such revisions;

(4) Maintain contacts with State agencies, farm labor groups, growers, and other interested parties; and

(5) Coordinate cross-training of enforcement personnel within the region.

(d) There shall be a regional committee staff level working group in each region consisting of regional staff representatives from ESA, ETA, OSHA, the Office of the Regional Solicitor, and OSHA State Farm Labor Coordinators within that region. This working group shall meet at least monthly.

(e) The designated Farm Labor Specialist (ESA), Farm Labor Regional Coordinators (OSHA), and MSFW Monitor Advocates (USES) in each region shall be available to provide staff support to the Regional Committees.

(f) To facilitate coordination with farm labor groups and growers in each region, the respective Regional Committee shall hold an annual public meeting, transcribe or recorded at the option of the Regional Committee, which shall be:

(1) Publicized to all appropriate migrant farmworker and grower associations in the region;

(2) Conducted by the director of the Regional Committee with other DOL agency representatives participating as necessary; and

(3) Opened to all members of the public.

(g) The Regional Committee shall conduct and cooperate with the National Committee in order to develop, implement and ensure the uniform and effective application of coordinated enforcement efforts.