29 CFR § 42.21 - Data collection.

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§ 42.21 Data collection.

(a) For each protective statute, ESA, OSHA, and the Office of the Solicitor (SOL) shall regularly collect statistical data reflecting their enforcement efforts on a regional and national basis and shall submit such data quarterly to the National and Regional Committees. Fourth quarter data shall be accompanied by annual summaries. These submissions shall include at least the data items specified in this section. The data collected will provide a basis for coordination of enforcement of the protection statutes.

(b) The statistical data submitted by ESA on FLCRA enforcement shall include: (1) Total compliance actions covered by the Act, showing total farm labor contractor (FLC) actions, total farm labor contractor employee (FLCE) actions, total User actions, total concurrent FLSA actions, and total actions with noncompliance; (2) total types of assignments (JS complaint, other complaint, employers of undocumented workers); (3) total types of compliance actions (conciliation, full investigation, follow-up investigation, other); (4) total compliance hours expended; (5) total crew workers affected; (6) total violations by categories and type of violation (FLC, FLCE, User); (7) total compliance actions in which civil money penalties (CMPs) are assessed and total amount assessed; (8) total compliance actions in which CMPs are collected and total amount collected.

(c) The Wage-Hour Division shall submit the following statistical data on FLSA enforcement with respect to employees working within the categories of Agriculture, Agricultural Products, and Agricultural Services, etc., and various subcategories of each of these three major categories: (1) Total number of completed investigations; (2) total hours spent in conducting investigations; (3) number of employees found underpaid (total, under minimum wage provisions, under overtime provisions); (4) amount of underpayment found (total, under minimum wage provisions, under overtime provisions); (5) total number of employees to whom income was restored; and (6) total amount of money restored.

(d) OSHA's migrant farmworker enforcement statistical data shall be submitted for each region on a state-by-state basis, including OSHA State Plan States, and shall include: (1) Number of complaints received and number of inspections conducted in response; (2) number of referrals received and number of inspections conducted in response; (3) number of programmed or directed inspections, (4) number of violations found by type of violation (serious, willful, repeat and other than serious); (5) total number of employees affected by inspections; (6) approximate total hours spent on migrant camp inspections; (7) number of inspections for which penalties were proposed and amount proposed; (8) number of inspections for which penalties were collected and amount collected.

(e) The SOL shall submit statistical data on farm labor-related enforcement efforts under each protective statute which shall include: (1) Total cases received by SOL; (2) actions taken on cases (settled, referred to ALJ, civil actions filed, referrals to U.S. Attorney); and (3) results of cases (including injunctions and license revocations and denials).

(f) Complaint Response Data - ESA and OSHA shall submit annually a summary of aging data for their respective migrant farmworker-related activities under FLCRA, FLSA and OSHA respectively, showing aging from receipt of a complaint or completion of an investigation until referral to SOL or other final action by the enforcement agency. The Office of the Solicitor shall submit similar data showing aging of matters between receipt by SOL of a case and the completion of some responsive action on the case. Where available, OSHA shall submit data showing the average length of time between receipt of a complaint and the completion of the action taken in response to the complaint. Where available, ESA shall submit data showing complaints received, complaints on hand, and number of actions completed based on complaints.

(g) The National Committee shall review the data collection systems of ESA, OSHA and SOL, as they pertain to farm labor enforcement, and recommend any necessary changes to the subagencies.