29 CFR § 42.5 - Policy review.

§ 42.5 Policy review.

(a) The National Committee shall review the policies of OSHA, ESA and the United States Employment Service (USES), and the Office of the Solicitor and shall guide the respective agencies in improving the effectiveness of and coordination among all DOL agencies assigned responsibilities related to migrant farmworkers. These policies and guidance shall include such issues as the following:

(1) The coordination of inspections, including housing inspections, reports and procedures of DOL agencies and State agencies designated by the Department to follow-up on complaints under, and to detect promptly violations of, any of the protective statutes.

(2) The expedited enforcement and legal procedures to accommodate the transient and seasonal nature of migrant farmworker's problems.

(3) The development of systems for prompt and efficient referral to the appropriate federal or State agency of violations or complaints discovered by or reported to DOL agencies or appropriate State agencies, along with prompt and efficient follow-up action by the appropriate agency from the initiation of the investigation through final enforcement action.

(4) The training of all appropriate DOL personnel in order to ensure coordinated and effective enforcement.

(5) The level of enforcement achieved by the remedies or sanctions used by DOL agencies to enforce the protective statutes.

(6) The effectiveness of the Specialists Program and the Regional Farm Labor Coordinated Enforcement Committees.