29 CFR § 42.7 - Complaint/directed action logs.

§ 42.7 Complaint/directed action logs.

(a) To facilitate the Committee's review of all migrant farmworker complaints, including pre and post occupancy housing inspections and the enforcement strategies of DOL agencies, the Committee shall oversee the operation of a system of coordinated Complaint/Directed Action Logs (logs). The logs shall be maintained by each DOL agency and appropriate SESA and OSHA State agencies.

(b) The logs shall record both the numbers of compliance actions initiated as a result of complaints and those initiated on the basis of directed activity. They shall also include a statistical record of all original referrals both from and to other DOL agencies or federal or State authorities.

(1) Whenever a complaint is received and/or an investigation is completed by an agency, the appropriate official of that agency shall enter the matter on the log.

(2) Wherever possible, the responsible agency, upon request, shall inform the complainant of the status of the actions pending, and shall inform, when applicable, the referring agency.

(3) ESA, OSHA, USES, and the Office of the Solicitor shall be responsible for preparing the quarterly statistical summary by regions of the respective agency's compliance activity. This summary shall include all complaints and compliance actions which

(i) Were pursued to completion by the subagency during the reporting period or

(ii) Were received during the reporting period or earlier, and are pending. Each agency also shall report a summary of aging and resource allocation data. The summary shall be submitted to the National Committee and the appropriate Regional Committee.

(c) The National Committee staff shall analyze the statistical summaries and shall recommend National or Regional Committee action where problems or short-comings are identified. Pursuant to this review, the National Committee shall take steps to ensure that the responsible agencies make timely responses to complaints and conduct vigorous enforcement action.