29 CFR § 511.11 - Pertinent data.

§ 511.11 Pertinent data.

Among the types of data which may be considered pertinent to the subjects and issues delineated in § 511.10, are those revealing:

(a) Employment and labor conditions and trends in American Samoa, and on the mainland, particularly since the promulgation of the presently applicable wage order, including such items as present and past employment, present wage rates and fringe benefits, changes in average hourly earnings or wage structure, provisions of collective bargaining agreements, hours of work, labor turnover, absenteeism, productivity, learning periods, rejection rates, and similar factors;

(b) Market conditions and trends in American Samoa, and on the mainland, including changes in the volume and value of production, market outlets, price changes, style factors, consumer demand, competitive relationships, tariff rates, and similar marketing factors;

(c) Comparative production costs in American Samoa, on the mainland, and in foreign countries, together with the factors responsible for differences;

(d) Financial conditions and trends since promulgation of the present wage order as reflected in profit and loss statements and balance sheets; and

(e) Data bearing on proper definitions of classifications within an industry.

[55 FR 12120, Mar. 30, 1990]